Let’s Escape Eindhoven

Where experience is key!

The best Escape Room of Eindhoven is located on “The Stratumseind” in Eindhoven!

Creativity, originality, quality and experience. Our Escape Rooms have unique puzzles and require a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and mutual cooperation.

Let’s Escape has Escape Rooms where experience is key.

Laser Quest, opened in 1994, has become a household name in Eindhoven over the years. In area (880m2) the largest company on the Stratumseind. Parents now bring their own children back to the place where they used to have so much fun, or where they got to know each other.

In the meantime, many other activities have been added. GPS outdoor games, iCombat, Pool, and of course a real Escape Room!

Around the world in 80 days

Around the world in 80 days


Follow in the footsteps of Phileas Fogg and Passepartout

Jules Verne was a visionary. Over 150 years ago he predicted things that are now part of daily life.

With your leadership, cleverness and insightfullness we’re sure you can go around the World faster than Phileas Fogg and his loyal travel companion Passepartout did over 100 years ago. Combine your knowledge and be as cool as a cucumber, that’s what it takes to travel the World in a record time!

This Escape Room has the following prices:

2 persons € 30,- pp
3 persons € 25,- pp
4 persons € 20,- pp
5 persons € 18,- pp
From 6 personen € 95,- for the entire group.

Our advice is 3-6 but you can certainly do more. From 8 adults, we recommend splitting the group and combining it with Pool or Laser Quest, for example.

Also suitable for supervised children. For example 3 families, 10-12p is no problem.

For reservations with larger groups and / or a combination with Laser Quest, iCombat, Pool and Restaurants: more info on the page of Laser Quest Eindhoven www.lqehv.nl.

Number of persons


60 minutes

Make a reservation

At the moment it is not possible to make a reservation due to Covid-19 measures.

About Let’s Escape



In Eindhoven haben wir einen Platz beim Laserquest Eindhoven am Stratumseind. Dies macht Let’s Escape Eindhoven perfekt für die Kombination mit Laserquest, einem Billardspiel oder einem der anderen Pakete. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Website von Laserquest Eindhoven.

The Enschede Rooms are located at De Oude Markt, with all its bars, taverns and restaurants probably one of the nicest squares in the country. This truly unique location makes these rooms very much suited for a nice evening out. Not only can you play one of our four rooms. You can get something to eat or drink in one of the nicest bars in town. An excellent evening on the town.

Haarlem is in a very special location. In the same building, The Raaks Halle,  you will also find one of the most remarkable stores in Haarlem; a shop founded en run by a group of enthusiastic entrepeneurs of all sorts. Let’s Escape is very proud to be part of such a lovely concept.


Creativity… And lots of it. Tossing a few puzzles into a room; anyone can do that. Writing a story…? A bit more difficult. Transforming the story into a puzzle… That’s the challenge we took on. Let’s Escape builds rooms that go a lot further than just being Escape Rooms. We like to build rooms that will make you look around for five minutes before you even start thinking about escaping. Rooms that deserve to be admired.

Let’s Escape also wants to renew the rooms we build. Not just creating a few rooms, we want to keep creating rooms. Rooms you will love to come and play.



Want to know more about our Escape Rooms, or the possibilities of an arrangement at Laserquest Eindhoven? Call us or leave a message here.

Let’s Escape Eindhoven (Laser Quest)
Oude Stadsgracht 15
5611 DD  Eindhoven

Tel: 040 – 244 31 31
E-mail: eindhoven@letsescape.nl

Opening hours
Daily from 13:00 – 01:00